ISBN : 979-10-242-0084-2

Écriture céleste

Invented by the Mesopotamians to dialogue with their gods and goddesses through the celestial bodies, astrology was used to link Man to the cosmic order. Western civilization integrated its vast mythology to conceive and arrange the natural and supernatural world into meaningful categories. Astrology is thus one of the very first systems for modelling reality.

This book is composed of two parts. The first explores the history of western astrology in an attempt to assess the function of poetic astronomy in the 21st century. Five thousand years after its invention, can it still serve as an inspiration to give some meaning to things and experiences that are out of our reach? Among the main topics, we also raise the questions of determinism and free will, the role of myths and symbols, the importance of the discovery of the unconscious in the last century, among others.

The second part present an in-depth practical presentation of the astrological language – with the elements, planets, signs, houses and aspects – invites you to a personal reflection on the images of the zodiac which stimulate creative imagination and open up new perspectives for approaching life.

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