Christine Gonze Conrad

« A longing to explore the complexity of the human soul has always been with me. Yet, it was in the midst of a deep personal challenge that I had the opportunity to meet humanistic astrology. This was the beginning of a long complicity with the art of astrology. »

Forêt d’Ardenne

Born in Brussels, Belgium, I spent a happy childhood near the forests of the Ardenne.

In 1969, a longing for new experiences and adventures led me to live in London, then Paris, and then in Africa. Some beautiful years followed while living in Rome where every day I discovered the grandeur and inspiration of a civilization still filled with the presence of gods and goddesses that would enlighten my life.

After moving back to Brussels from 1977 to 1982 to set up a design studio and create objects for interior decoration, the nomad in me took off again towards new horizons and landed in New York with a designer contract.

Romulus & Remus, Capitole, Rome
Création Chris Gonze

It is on the East Coast of the United States where I lived from 1982 to 2002 that a serious turning point occurred in 1985. Guided by a great humanistic astrologer who described, as no one before, the paradoxes and contradictions that had driven my choices, I discovered an essential source of information from which I would continue to learn.

It is in the United States that I had the chance to study psychological astrology with the most inspiring and generous teachers. I followed different programs and was certified by NCGR (National Council for Geocosmic Research) in 1994.

Since then, I share a mythopoetic approach for life, supported by Carl Gustav Jung’s depth psychology, to try to help recognize and integrate the paradoxes and possible contradictions that make the richness and the unique character of each destiny.

Home sweet Home in Pgh, Pa, aquarelle B.Mason
Carl Gustav Jung
Astrologie – Calligraphie Isabelle Vernier
Pindare, Musée du Capitole, Rome

My Philosophy of Astrology

This art remains one of the most efficacious and ancient models for self knowledge put in place by our imaginative ancestors. Archetypal astrology revolves around a process that is at once psychological, cultural and spiritual.

It is a language of awareness, of ourselves but also of the world around us, of the cycles of nature and history. Archetypal astrology offers insights based on ‘significant coincidences’ in an attempt to explore the question ‘Who am I?’ It respects free will while broadening the possibilities of individual choices that lead to wholeness.

The ‘Become who you are, when you have learned what it is’ of the Greek poet Pindar, (5th century BC) remains my motto and the goal to be pursued and shared all along the Way.

‘Character is Destiny’

‘Character is Destiny’, so Heraclitus taught us since the 6th century BC

Getting to know oneself by discovering what kind of wood we are made of, remains one of the most beautiful experiences we can live.

After some thirty years of astrological and therapeutic practice, I must recognize that I have never met two individuals who were identical. Each character is unique and each destiny is equally unique.

There is no ready-made recipe for attaining wholeness, that is to say, that blissful feeling of grasping the totality of who we can be. The responsibility to discover this happiness belongs to each one of us. Nothing and no one is perfect and, as C.G. Jung reminds us so well, even if ‘The individual may strive after perfection, he must suffer from the opposite of his intentions for the sake of his completeness’. (in Aïon 3:123)

This website of Archetypal Astrology is conceived to put you in touch with alternatives to be discovered, borrowed, rejected or remembered in an attempt to come closer to your individual completeness.

As the months go by, you will be invited to open the current Full Moon newsletter. We will contemplate the curent conditions through the multiple perspectives of the archetypal images which unfold each month.

Héraclite, Musée Archéologique de Naples
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